i make things

Some crazy number of years ago I started this blog. It was mostly craft stuff, because that’s what I did.

Then I made a couple of babies, and now that’s pretty much what I do. Babies and toddlers are less compatible with crafting than I originally thought, mostly because of the pins and needles and grabby hands.

Except babies really are great to make stuff for. So sometimes I still manage it during naptimes, after bedtime, in stolen moments where I should be vacuuming the living room.


Like this little “lovey” quilt. I finished it during today’s double nap. It’s just a tiny thing, basically just big enough to teach myself to quilt, which is also just big enough for Ellie to play with.


I just used a pack of pre-cuts I got from the fabric store, but I’m going to (hopefully, probably) do another, bigger quilt, with fabric I picked out aaaall by myself, like a real quilter.


I think she likes it.




If you’ve ever made a quilt, please look at the above photo. Those are 1″ and 2″ squares. I’m not a quilter by any means, and I fear I’ve gotten far too ambitious with this project.

It’s not for me, so I can’t divulge too much, but let’s just say it’s intricate, and that I may have lost my mind thinking this is the sort of thing that I can tackle. Heck, I have a sweater from December 2011 that still needs sleeves.

I guess what I’m getting at is this question: is there a patron saint of people who get in over their heads?