fairy tales

I’m apparently not very good at telling the classics without something to read from. I just ended the tale of “Snow White” thusly:

… and the Prince kissed the sleeping Snow White, like a big ol’ creeper.  But it was okay,  because she woke up and…wait,  what am I teaching you? Not okay. Bad touch. Anyway,  they got married, and she was a princess. The end.

I may also have described the villain as “a mean ol’ queen b.”

Maybe I need a book for this stuff.




There is nothing like sleep to make a new mom feel insecure. When the baby (and by extension mommy) isn’t getting enough sleep, everything else comes into question. Is it because she’s not nursing enough? too much? Should I cut out dairy or soy or peanut butter? Add solids? Maybe I need to let her cry for a few minutes, or maybe that will make it worse.

You question your bedtime routine, your daytime activities, your feeding, napping and your relationship. Sometimes, at four in the morning you question your sanity and fitness to parent.

The crazy part is, you do this even when you should know better. I’ve read books and blogs that warned about the 4-month sleep regression. And for most of the past month, I’ve kept perspective & as positive an attitude that one can muster on 3-5 hours of sleep nightly. But last week I just lost it and had a good cry right along with the baby.

The hubbs stepped in and took baby duty for a night, and I can’t tell you what a difference it made. For everyone, really, because even though we’re not sleeping all night every night, the Wiggles has at least stopped screaming every time I put her in the crib. She and I seem to have been in some kind of negative feedback loop that required outside intervention to fix.

All this is a roundabout way of saying I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but now that I’m clocking more than two consecutive hours of sleep on the regular, I will remedy that. Christmas knitting and baking time is upon us. We’ll talk about that next.