The past couple of times I’ve made cookies, I haven’t baked the whole batch together. Instead I portion out the dough, roll it into little balls & freeze it on a cookie sheet. Once it’s been in the freezer a few hours I move it to a zip top bag, and voila! ready to bake cookies, in whatever number you need.

They don’t last as long as I’d really like, but I think they lastĀ  a bit longer than three dozen cookies sitting on my counter begging me to eat them before they get hard. (Chocolate chip cookies should always be chewy, if you don’t agree, we can’t be friends. Sorry.)

Anyway, so maybe you do this same thing, or maybe you buy the pre-made dough they sell in the refrigerated section by the cinnamon rolls in a can. And maybe you’re like I was this afternoon, and you want cookies, but just one or two. And maybe it seems like a waste of time and energy to heat up your whole oven for two measly cookies, so maybe you think “Hey, I’ve got this toaster oven that is almost exactly the right size for two cookies.” And so if you’re thinking that might be a good idea:


I already thought that. It’s not a good idea. The cookies will burn on the top, while remaining raw inside. Also, they kind of look like biscuits, instead of proper cookies.

[Cue music for “The More You Know”]