I changed my mind about vegetables, and bought a grape tomato plant. grape tomatoes are one of the key ingredients in pico de gallo.

I make pico a lot; it’s a great dish to bring to a cookout. It’s also great to serve when you have people over to watch various sporting events or movies. I make a pretty mean salsa, but my mother-in-law makes it best. she’s the one who taught me to add tomatillos.

The recipe is simple, and any of the elements can be adjusted to suit your taste.

1 medium onion
1 pint grape tomatoes
1-2 jalapenos
2-3 tomatillos
1 medium-sized lime

First, decide if you want spicy salsa. If no, halve the jalapeno(s) and remove the seeds and white bits. if yes, don’t. Either way, dice the jalapeno, the onion, the tomatoes, and the tomatillos, and add to a big bowl. Dice and add some cilantro, to taste, and then squeeze the juice of one lime over it.

Mix that up, and pour salt into the salsa mixture. You will add a lot of salt, probably two tablespoons full.

Serve immediately with chips, or use in any recipe that calls for salsa. I have not bought canned salsa in six years. It doesn’t hold a candle to this stuff.