Bigger than my stomach

You guys! I’m going to redo my entryway! Today. Like, this afternoon. Like, while I care for an 18-month-old, and gestate a fetus, and recover from the holidays, and also vacuum (because my house totally needs to be vacuumed) and do a load of whites.

Adorable nook, all by removing closet doors. –

That. That is what I’ll do. And it will be so cute, y’all! Even though that also means I have to buy and install all the bench/shelving stuff. And throw out like half my coats (which, I have a lot of coats, but most of them don’t fit any more. Having too small coats is depressing….I prefer not to deal with them. Aaaaaanyway….) And also find a new place to keep my vacuum, and tv trays, and a half dozen board games and other random stuff. Oh, and remove a door + hinges from its frame. And probably spackle and paint.

I’m going to do this! Totally! I will follow through with it and not leave board games with choking hazard-sized pieces lying around on the living room floor when I give up halfway through. I will not make a half-finished eyesore that will fill my husband with frustration and regret every time he opens the front door after a long day at work.

And, oh my god, you guys, can you just take a moment to feel sorry for my husband, who was at work when I thought of this idea, so won’t know about it until he reads this on his phone during a much needed break. He’ll be like “oooh, she blogged. Maybe there’s a cute picture of my daughter.” And then he’ll read with mounting horror because he knows this is exactly the kind of thing I do.

Like, he’s hoping, based on my description & post title that I’ve talked myself out of it, but he also knows he might have to come home to just utter chaos, and possibly take off work to drive me to the hospital for exhaustion/stupidity. This is the life he lives every day, folks.

He could walk in the door to find his daughter coloring on the walls while I play candy crush (I was too tired to stop her, I’ll clean it up later) and also I didn’t make any food and there are no clean clothes. Or she could be peacefully napping while I prepare an elaborate dinner, and the laundry is folded, and I made the bed and put away the dishes. Or the entire living room could be covered in fabric and glitter because I had a great idea, I’ll clean up later, ooh, but then I wanted to make a cake and somehow used all the dishes we own. Wanna order takeout? I didn’t make any actual dinner, just cake and a mess.

Utter laziness, beautiful domesticity, creative madness. This is the roulette wheel that spins every day at my house.

Oh, and just to be clear, husband, I’m not actually going to take the door off the hall closet or paint anything. I might go to Target and buy a shelf with little hooks on it to hang my purse, though. Ooh, and I’ll think real hard about throwing out the extra coats, but I probably won’t get to it. I will wash the whites.



I’m working on the craft room again today. The current task is pretty daunting, because right now the craft room is pretty empty, but my spare room looks like this:

After the move, and shuffling around of boxes, any lingering organizational structure has been obliterated. During naptime this afternoon I managed to get one box of books put away, and a few items from a basket of yarn sorted. It made no discernible difference in the mess. This weekend, though, I’m thinking about ducking out of mommy duty for a couple of solid hours on Sunday and getting this mess cleaned up. Once that happens, maybe I’ll be able to find enough of my supplies to actually finish a project. Check back Monday for updates, and in the meantime wish me luck!


We’ve been in our house for about five months now, and it has taken that whole time for me to even begin working on what I’ve been calling my “craft room.”

My craft room is actually a closet upstairs, next to our bedroom. It’s about six feet wide, and about twice as deep. It’s not much of a room–there is no window or anything–but it’s enough for a couple of shelves and a sewing table.

Until last week, however, it looked like this:

Which is not really conducive to, well, anything. It was a mess. So I took a couple of hours two Saturdays ago and emptied it out.

I set up the bookshelves, moved my sewing table and machine, and went to plug it in…

You know what most home manufacturers don’t bother to do in closets? Install outlets.

Yeah, it’s always something.



I still haven’t been able to do as much craft stuff as I’d like, but I was able to make this little polar bear rug for the nursery.

We’re almost ready now…or, as ready as we’re going to get. The room has been painted. The crib, changing table and glider have all between assembled by my husband, who, after this weekend’s Ikea dresser incident may be considering a “no assembly required” rule in our house. We have decor for the walls, though I still need to actually put them up.


We also need to install the car seat, but those are two small projects, and I’m really excited by all that we (by which I mean mostly my husband) have gotten done in the past couple of weeks.

While he’s been working on that, I’m working on convincing this baby that she should come see all the hard work he’s put in. Wish me luck, because I’m ready to meet this girl.



It’s still a mess, I don’t know where half my stuff is, but it’s our home. And tonight when I go to sleep, it will be under a roof that I (and my husband, and my credit union) own. And it feels pretty good.

Closing in

We’re counting down to close, and hoping to move this weekend. Right now, instead of home décor, I’m focusing on boxing up our little townhouse and preparing for the big move and the big space we’ll be in soon. I’m working on some ideas for decorating that I hope you guys will enjoy, and by the end of the month I’ll take you guys on a little photo tour.

In the meantime, when I’m not packing, I’ve been knitting on two big projects. The first is a modified Jamesy from Knitty.

My husband is pretty warm-natured, so I wanted to make a light sweater for him. That meant I needed to knit the sweater with finer yarn than what was called for in the pattern. I am using fingering weight yarn and knitting on size 0 needles.

I’d like to emphasize what I just said there. I’m knitting my 6’4” husband a sweater using fingering weight yarn, on size 0 needles. That’s a lot of sweater, knit with very thin yarn, and while I like the way it looks, it has been slow going.

I’m also working on another big project, a wedding shawl for one of my best friends, Ashley. She’s getting married in Florida in July, about 3 days after my due date, so I will unfortunately not be making the trip down there. Since I can’t make the trip due to impending baby, I am making this shawl for her, something to help me celebrate with her in spirit.

Lace doesn’t ever look like much when its being knit, but this gives you a bit of an idea of what I’m doing. It’s based on Madli’s Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia to which I will add a different border. The last time I knit a wedding shawl was for my friend Courtney, and I did not allow myself anywhere near enough time. I ended up finishing the thing at 3am the night before the wedding, and falling asleep on the couch as soon as I bound off. I had to block it and put fans on it to dry while we were getting ready to go to the church the next morning. I’m doing no such thing this time. I’d like to have it ready to go at the end of April for her shower, but if need be, I have until early July.

I’ve been getting the itch to leave these projects and work on something a little smaller, but I’m trying to persevere until at least the sweater is finished. James has been waiting for his sweater for quite a while, and I expect a baby that is due in mid-July won’t be too desperate for a woolen layette. Perhaps I should sew some little cotton dresses instead…

Projects of Unusual Size

I may have gotten in over my head. I’m already in the middle of gestating a new human person (16 weeks, if you’re curious) and now we’ve gone and bought a house.

Well, we’re still in the process of buying it. There was paperwork, and our offer was accepted. But there are still inspections, and appraisals and more paperwork to sign than you could ever imagine. Unless you already own a house, in which case you’ll agree with me. Lots of paperwork.

It’s an exciting prospect. The house is kind of plainish, and suburban which is less my style, but it’s got three bedrooms, two big living areas downstairs, closets from here to next Tuesday, and an enormous yard big enough for kids, dogs, or even full on adults to run around in. Also, a tankless water heater. This was a big selling point for me: infinite hot showers are in my future, y’all.

The other thing that I’m taking as a positive, it’s a blank canvas. Whitish walls, neutral carpet, right now it feels big & empty because the previous owners have already gone. That means I don’t have to decide if I want to keep or change the style of anything. It is currently without style, begging that my style (or, you know, also my husband’s who gets to live there, too) be added to it. I think I’m just now starting to realize what a big project this is going to be.

It’s also complicated, at least in the short term, by two factors. Number one, right about the time we want to move in (mid-March) I’m going to be losing the ability to see or touch my toes. My ability to lift or move heavy things has also been compromised because of my delicate condition and huge stomach. I’m essentially on the bench for all but the lightest home improvement duties until mid-July. Well, at least mid-July, and one assumes some unspecified period of recovery after. It’s not as if I’m going to be standing in my living room the week after the baby arrives going “I think I will rearrange my couches. I feel totally up to the physical task at hand, despite having expelled a tiny human from my hoo-ha the other day!” Based on preliminary reports from my more experienced friends and also the internet I’m more likely to stand in my living room thinking “I do not know what this new tiny overlord wants or why that sound is issuing from its mouth. Perhaps if I take it back to the hospital, they would exchange it for a puppy or a beta fish.”

Anyway. So no lifting things for me. Also, I have complicating factor number two which is this: Did you know it’s expensive to buy a house? And also to have a baby? Houses need money (and, you know sometimes a new roof or something) but babies are much more disorienting in their needs because there is So. Much. Stuff. and I’m not really understanding it. It weighs ten pounds and can’t see anything more than twelve inches from its face. Why does it need a bassinet, a crib, a pack-n-play and several different types of specialized seat/chair/swing combos?

Anyway, babies and houses are two of the most expensive things ever in life, and I get both this year. So guess what that means for my home decor? It means the budget for making a blank canvas house into my own homey home is shoestring thin. And that means I’ll be thrifting, garage-saleing, craigslist-searching and from-scratch-making pretty much all of it so that it’s definitely my own. And due to my temporary physical limitations, I’ll be doing it rather slowly, with plenty of breaks to take pictures and write about it.

Right now, I’m gathering ideas, paint swatches, and pins in anticipation fo the big move. I’ve always had imaginary projects & ideas for my “dream home,” but now I have to go from unlimited (budget, space, rooms, ideas, time) to practical and see what really fits where in this new space I’m going to call home.