12 days of knitmas

12 days left, and we’re in the Christmas home stretch. I am just now getting into my gift knitting. Done this week: a pair of socks modeled by Miss Wiggles.

I have more in progress, but I don’t want to give too much away. Just a sneak peek:

I think one of my gift recipients might be able to guess which is hers by the color. But she doesn’t know what it is!

How about you? What are you making for the holidays? And how far do you have left to go?



For my heartburn, I’ve been advised to lie with my head propped up higher than my stomach. For my swollen feet, I’ve been advised to lie with my feet up above my heart. Also, I have read that it is bad to lie flat on my back, but good to lie on my left side. When I lie on my left side, my arm goes to sleep.

Point is, there is no correct way for me to sleep. Or rather, there may be a correct way, but I certainly cannot attain this pretzel-like position in my current roly-poly state. Also, I’m being kicked while all this is happening.

To cheer myself up about my predicament, I am knitting/designing a tiny sweater all in one piece.


That is one finished wedding shawl. Knitted, washed, blocked, dried and ready to ship to the lovely bride. I really like it. I hope she does too.

I feel pretty accomplished. Despite moving & gestating I finished this shawl in about 2 months from start to finish. I didn’t make it in time for the wedding shower, but I finished well ahead of the wedding itself.

My next step is to get it shipped out. I feel that may be the hardest part. I’d rather sit around on the couch admiring it than pack it up and schlep to the post office. It’s really quite lovely.



Three more rows of edging, bind off, and blocking. I’m hoping to have a wedding present by the end of this weekend.


Unless the bad cat gets her way….

talk me down

Ashley’s wedding shower is on Sunday, and somehow I am still convinced that I could finish her shawl in time to give at the shower. This is clearly folly. But this is how my internal dialogue is going:

I have finished just over 17 of 30 repeats of the pattern. That means I have 13 to go. Plus the entire border. And blocking.

But it’s the weekend! I will have some time.

You work, and have errands to run, and cleaning and other things.

Maybe if I modified the border to make it smaller?

This has to stop.

Ooh, I could bring it to work tomorrow. I can knit and talk on the phone at the same time, kind of.

Someone please stage an intervention.

I bet I can do it. I’ll think about those border changes….there’s totally enough time.


I’m a terrible blogger. But you don’t want to hear about my resolution not to leave you in the dark for so long. You want to see pictures of things I made!! To that end, you’ll be happy to know I got a slightly nicer camera, so you can expect even more/better pictures. Here:

Anyone want to guess what I’ve been working on while I was gone?

Sick Day

Today I woke up feeling pretty rotten. So I’ve been snuggled up on the couch all day watching junky TV and knitting.

I’m still not feeling 100%, but at least I’ve got something to show for it:


New socks! Socks are almost certainly my favorite knitting project, for several reasons. Firstly, socks can be knit in a countless number of ways, with almost any conceivable stitch pattern. They can be knit top-down, toe-up, with a star toe, an afterthought heel, short row heel, lace, cable, ribbed. Endless possibilities! They’re big enough not to be too fiddly on the needles, but small enough to stash in my purse as a distraction if I’m going to be waiting around, or sitting in the passenger seat on a trip.


This particular pair was made using the “Globe Stitch” patten in Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2: Cables. And it’s green, which is one of my favorite colors.

So here’s to hoping my weekend goes a little better than my Friday, despite the Rapture, or Armageddon, or whatever thing they keep saying is going to happen tomorrow . If nothing else, I’ll be facing it with new socks on my feet.