Zooey has a lot of outfits. Not just clothes, but outfits that come in a set. It’s nice, because when I pick out a shirt, I know there are pants or a skirt that matches it.


Or do I? Did this striped skirt go with it? Or the pants with bows Or is this shirt even part of a set? I don’t remember.

This is annoying, both to me & my naked toddler. I don’t know, maybe some people remember outfits better, our don’t care if the set gets broken up, but that doesn’t work for me. What does work for me is this:

When I get an outfit, I mark all the pieces of it with the same letter. Top “A” goes with pants “A” and so on. It also helps my husband know what matches, since girl’s clothes aren’t really his thing.

This will be even better when it comes time to reuse, gift or donate the clothes. On that future day I sure as heck will not remember which ones were supposed to go together. Sadly, I did not think if this little hack until we got to the 9 months size, so future me is screwed for newborn sizes. Sorry future me!


2 thoughts on “Outfits

  1. That’s a good idea! I may try this so my husband can help with laundry. I’m pretty good at remembering all the outfits, but my husband fails at even telling which clothes belong to which kid. I always hang the top and bottom of each outfit together, which makes laundry folding more difficult, but my husband is able to dress them without messing it up. The big kids have 100% outfits or dresses with black leggings and not just tops/bottoms too. When I buy a top, I buy a bottom that works with it. I hang everything together so they can NOT mess up when they get dressed in the morning. It’s a big pain to put everything away, but it pays off when everyone is getting dressed! Before I started this method, if my husband dressed people they would come down looking RIDICULOUS.

    • You could mark each of yours with the girl’s first inital, then a unique letter for each outfit. But I like your method of only buying in outfits. I always wind up with a handful of stuff that doesn’t match anything, usually because I couldn’t pass it up on clearance. Sometimes that means cute stuff only gets worn very rarely, though a denim skirt or black leggings can be used to get just about any top into the rotation.

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