birthday girl

This weekend was Zooey’s birthday party. She officially turned one yesterday, and we took her to the zoo. But since it was outdoors in July, I’m pretty sweaty in all those pictures, so here’s her party on Sunday:
First, presents:
zooey_birthday2webShe’s still mostly unsure on how one opens presents, but I helped, so it was all good.

Then cake, which is the best part. She ate pretty much the whole thing, I just used an extra-large muffin tin and made her a big cupcake, then turned it over and frosted it like a cake.
Relatively clean, for a one-year-old eating chocolate cake and frosting.
zooey_birthday5webAnd now I have a one-year-old. She’s less and less like a baby every day. But she’s turning into a pretty fun kid. I think I’ll keep her around another year.