too quiet

Scene: my house, late morning. I’m getting ready for a shower, the baby wakes up early from her nap.

me: she’s quiet, I’m sure i can grab a quick shower while she plays in her crib.

Scene: baby’s room, approximately 30 minutes later.





Zooey is very interested in our cats. One is terrified of her, and can almost never be caught, but the older one is fat and unbelievably lazy. She’d rather sit on the chair and let the baby pull handfuls of fur out of her back than suffer the indignity of having to move to the windowsill or top of the couch. Zooey laughs uproariously while this is going on.

After breakfast I showed her a squirrel on our back porch, she also found him hilarious, and so I thought she might like to watch a few minutes of some or another nature show, lions, perhaps, or tigers. Something furry.

Turns out the Animal Planet doesn’t do that anymore. The On Demand has some nonsense about mermaids but no lions padding around the African savannah. I could probably do a solid 25 minutes on the stupid mermaids, and how in an age where we, as a whole have access to unprecedented amounts of actual true information, we instead spend an hour entertaining all manner of nonsense and speculation about mermaids being real. (Spoiler alert: They’re not. Also, crabs don’t sing, and if you’re single with no prospects, you can’t trade your voice in to a sea-witch and bag a prince.) But I’ll leave off with just the one paragraph.

Anyhoodle, the Discovery Channel finally had some animal shows, and we watched a baby goat run around the mountains for a few minutes. I’m hoping maybe this will grant a slight reprieve to the fat cat, who might otherwise be quite bald by the time Zooey learns what “gentle” and “be nice to kitty” actually mean.