learning curve

Our pack & play has a little zippered opening in the side. It’s so you can access a storage insert that is used early on, when it serves more as a bassinet than as a holding pen. (or as we sometimes call it, baby jail)

This afternoon, just for s’s and g’s, I unzipped the opening, to see if Zooey would venture in.


She did, and promptly got stuck. She stood in there, yelling like she does when I’ve banished her there while I vacuum or work out. After a minute or so, I stopped laughing, picked her up and set her down outside. She went right back in, but something must have clicked…


…because she spent the next five minutes crawling in and out, again and again.

Quick learner, that one.


that feeling

Our elliptical machine broke last week, and today I got the replacement part in the mail. I spent most of afternoon nap time putting it back together. And now it’s all fixed.

It’s always a huge pain to fix or put together this kind of thing. We had an incident with Ikea dressers about a year ago that still stings today. It seems something always goes at least a little wrong, missing pieces or misread instructions or something like that.

But once it’s done….well that’s another story. Not necessarily to be done, although sometimes that’s true. But to have done a thing properly, so that once you had a broken or useless thing and now you have something that works–well, that’s just great.

It’s the feeling of creating something with you’re own two hands. It’s why I make sweaters out of string and make cakes from scratch. It just feels so damn good.

Also, now I can get my workout-induced endorphin rush. That also feels pretty good.