Last week was the Vernal Equinox, a balance of day and night, and the first day of Spring. This Sunday is Easter Sunday. It’s also snowy and cold as balls where I live.

But nevermind that, it’s time to think about spring and warm weather and all of the outside things coming back to life.  At this time of year, as a symbol of the fertility of the earth and all the sprouting, growing, baby things, we have the humble egg, which we dye pretty colors. Then we hide them from children, and make them go look for them in fancy clothes, and there’s ham dinner. And I buy a half-dozen Reester Bunnies at the store, and instead of savoring them over a few weeks  (or even days) like a regular person, I shame-eat all of them standing in the kitchen while the baby is napping (because babies can’t have peanut butter! I’m being a good mom!) also I hide the wrappers in the big trash so my husband doesn’t know.

Or, you know, that’s how we do it at my house. Some people go to church.

Anyhoodle, kittens, I made me an Easter egg. Since hard boiled eggs are: a) gross and b) perishable we do not hold with such nonsense in House Barrow. I use blown out eggs. That means I poke a hole in each end with a pin, and use that to empty out the contents. So it’s an empty egg shell. You can’t give this to little kids to hunt, but I have a baby, and she doesn’t know that things still exist when you hide them, so it’s no problem for me.


But it’s way cute. I might make another.