6 months

Zooey is now 6 months old. Half a year and what seems like an entire lifetime ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning, immensely pregnant and uncomfortable. I waddled into the bathroom, where I realized my water had broken.

Thirty hours later, after miles of walking, a bunch of pitocin, a sleepless night, a long, hot shower, and just a little screaming, I was finally delivered of a pink little creature with dark hair and gorgeous eyes. She totally changed everything.


She still is. At six months she can change from day to day. Her father recently remarked that it seemed like she’d grown, literally, overnight. This happens both in physical and mental development. Sometimes it’s like a switch goes in and she just “gets it.”

It’s great to watch, but adding so much new stuff can be hard. I think what makes her so grumpy lately is the fact that she wants more out of herself. She wants to crawl, but can’t figure out the mechanics. She wants to tell me something, but all she knows how to do is shout vowel sounds and wave her hands around. I try to understand what she’s getting at, but usually I just end up getting hit in the face.


Looking back, it seems we’ve come so far, so fast. She’s gone from a helpless little newborn to a little lady with a full personality. The best part, though, is we’re only getting started.


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  1. I also have a blog on my 6-week old grandson. Babies are lovable…even if they are crying their hearts out and you’re trying to understand if they are hungry or just need a cuddle.

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