Photo shoots with 3-month-olds are difficult. You get a lot of blurry shots. Since I do all my own pictures, instead of taking her down to a portrait studio, I have an advantage. I can wait until she’s in a quiet mood for less wiggling, or cut the shoot short if there are tears and try again the next day. The downside: I don’t have a permanent backdrop or professional lights.

But that’s ok; I have a bunch of tricks for faking backdrops for cheap/free. I’m going to do another round of shooting tomorrow, and I’ll make sure to include a few “process” shots so I can show you how it’s done.

In the meantime, however, I’m feeling pretty good, because my recent post on choosing not to go back to work is featured on Offbeat Mama today. I am particularly grateful for all the comments over there discussing my post, the tough choices we all have to make, and the rather sad state of parental leave in America. So hi to everyone coming in from Offbeat Mama, feel free to hang out!


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