You guys have no idea how many awesome home decorating posts I would like to have shown you by now. Unfortunately, it is just physically beyond me at this point to get many of the things I want accomplished. After about ten or twenty minutes of moderate physical labor, my back starts spasming and I have to lie down on the floor.

Then I realize I’ve lain flat on my back, and you’re not supposed to do that when you’re pregnant, because, like a turtle, you may get stuck that way. (Actually it has to do with blood clots, but I feel more like a stuck turtle.) Then to make up for it, I have to lie around knitting the wedding shawl and watching tv for the rest of the night.

The point is, I don’t think I’m one of those women who enjoys being pregnant. It’s really weird, and I think I got kicked in the sciatic nerve earlier. Also every time I look at my feet, I think of the Colbert skits with “Ham Rove.” And I really am anxious for this kid to be done baking already.

…but also not, because apart from the scary fact that when you have a kid, the hospital just sends them home with you, without giving you a test or anything, I don’t know where the pieces of my half-finished diaper bag are, and there are cans of paint on the nursery floor, and a few weeks ago, my cat ate a glow stick after I let her play with it, and I lost my mind because, how can I be responsible for a child if I can’t even keep my cat away from luminous poison?

fyi: glow sticks are actually non-toxic. additional fyi: it costs $65 dollars to call animal poison control & have them tell you that.

The thing is, I am having trouble growing this baby and preparing for this baby simultaneously. The former takes precedence, and I’m just having to get used to the fact that a lot of the preparations I had originally imagined I could do can, and will, have to wait.


3 thoughts on “limitations

  1. Hang in there! You will be an amazing Mama!!!! I know it must be tough not being able to do as much, I can’t even imagine, but before you know it you will have an amazing little baby that will give you inspiration to your decorating, knitting etc. : ) if you need any help let me know!

  2. It takes a community to raise a kid! Don’t be so worried. I shoved pennies in my nose. Kids will do stupid stuff. It happens. But it will make themtougher. You can’t stand over ten your entire life, or theirs. Let us know if you need aunt or uncle help!

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