Random on a Sunday

I haven’t painted anything, nothing is up on the walls, but the new place is starting to look like a house where people live, instead of a squatter’s nest full of open boxes. My mental state however, is still scattered. Though I took pictures before we moved, my brain is fried and the cooking post that goes with them will have to wait until later in the week. In the meantime, enjoy my randomenss.

  • I am proud to say the master bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathrooms are completely box-free.
  • Except there are a couple grocery bags of food over by the table in the living room, because we do not have a pantry. Since they’re not boxes, I’m still not counting them.
  • We might go get a pantry after dinner, so then I definitely don’t have to count them.
  • I haven’t had time to cook, sew, or knit much. Please refer to the previous picture of the sweater and shawl, add a few rows to each. Now you’re up-to-date on my craft progress.
  • But I’m thinking of making curtains for the fireplace room.
  • I have to set up my sewing table to do that. My craft room looks like this:

  • It might be a while.
  • I could really use a mani-pedi. My feet, in particular, are busted. I’m sure you were dying to know.
  • I ate 5 donuts in 24 hours earlier this weekend and blamed it on the baby. I feel bad for that. I actually was the one who wanted most of those donuts.