I’ll have more on my current works-in-progress this weekend. Also possibly cupcakes, I’ve got a craving. In the meantime, here are some things I’m reading & looking at this Friday:

From Offbeat Home we have “Oh Shit, We Bought a House” which my sister suggested to me because, oh shit, i just bought a house.

Also via Offbeat Home I got a link to “One Good Thing” with lots of homemade products & cleaning. As I prepare to get out of this house & into the new one, I’m going to be involved in a huge clean out, and I don’t like (and I guess right now am not allowed to) use chemical-y smelling cleaning products.

In the food department there’s Bakerella with “The Lorax Cake Pops” which are adorable. I do want to state for the record, though I love the original Lorax book and movie, I in no way approve of this weird “remake” they’ve got going on. Why do the movie people keep doing this thing where they take a familiar story, write a whole new story using its main characters, and then act like it’s a remake. It’s not. It’s more if a ripoff by a writer who couldn’t be bothered to make up his own characters or major plot themes. /rant

aaaaaand on that note, everyone have a good weekend. I’m going to go decide about those cupcakes….