While we’re waiting on paperwork, appraisals, and all the other things that stand between us and the new house, I’ve been looking for inspiration. Today I’ve been searching the internet and my own picture archives for color inspirations. I got the idea from Design Seeds to make this style of color palette. Here are some ideas I’m working with:

This is my inspiration for our nursery. Penguins are adorable, and I’m not sure why my exhaustive searches have turned up next to zero for penguin-themed nursery items.

I’m thinking about using this palette for the smaller living area with the fireplace, which will be a sitting/play room. We have a couch already that is that brown/tan color.

This is a picture of a churchyard in Charleston, which is one of my favorite places to be (Charleston, not necessarily a churchyard). I’m thinking of pulling these colors for the palette for the second living area, which will be the bigger living/dining area.

I’m also considering going with a palette that’s a little richer for the same room, like this smoky, dark picture. I like the dark greys and reds, but would probably keep the walls the first light grey/off white color.

I’m thinking of this mossy palette for the master suite, with some brown & grey accents.

The question I’m pondering now is just how much painting I can manage. I am definitely not getting up on a ladder, but my bestie & I are planning a painting session the weekend we are supposed to move. Which rooms are the best to prioritize when you’re first moving? The ones that are the most high traffic (living room)? Or your personal retreat (master bedroom)? Which one should I tackle first?