Projects of Unusual Size

I may have gotten in over my head. I’m already in the middle of gestating a new human person (16 weeks, if you’re curious) and now we’ve gone and bought a house.

Well, we’re still in the process of buying it. There was paperwork, and our offer was accepted. But there are still inspections, and appraisals and more paperwork to sign than you could ever imagine. Unless you already own a house, in which case you’ll agree with me. Lots of paperwork.

It’s an exciting prospect. The house is kind of plainish, and suburban which is less my style, but it’s got three bedrooms, two big living areas downstairs, closets from here to next Tuesday, and an enormous yard big enough for kids, dogs, or even full on adults to run around in. Also, a tankless water heater. This was a big selling point for me: infinite hot showers are in my future, y’all.

The other thing that I’m taking as a positive, it’s a blank canvas. Whitish walls, neutral carpet, right now it feels big & empty because the previous owners have already gone. That means I don’t have to decide if I want to keep or change the style of anything. It is currently without style, begging that my style (or, you know, also my husband’s who gets to live there, too) be added to it. I think I’m just now starting to realize what a big project this is going to be.

It’s also complicated, at least in the short term, by two factors. Number one, right about the time we want to move in (mid-March) I’m going to be losing the ability to see or touch my toes. My ability to lift or move heavy things has also been compromised because of my delicate condition and huge stomach. I’m essentially on the bench for all but the lightest home improvement duties until mid-July. Well, at least mid-July, and one assumes some unspecified period of recovery after. It’s not as if I’m going to be standing in my living room the week after the baby arrives going “I think I will rearrange my couches. I feel totally up to the physical task at hand, despite having expelled a tiny human from my hoo-ha the other day!” Based on preliminary reports from my more experienced friends and also the internet I’m more likely to stand in my living room thinking “I do not know what this new tiny overlord wants or why that sound is issuing from its mouth. Perhaps if I take it back to the hospital, they would exchange it for a puppy or a beta fish.”

Anyway. So no lifting things for me. Also, I have complicating factor number two which is this: Did you know it’s expensive to buy a house? And also to have a baby? Houses need money (and, you know sometimes a new roof or something) but babies are much more disorienting in their needs because there is So. Much. Stuff. and I’m not really understanding it. It weighs ten pounds and can’t see anything more than twelve inches from its face. Why does it need a bassinet, a crib, a pack-n-play and several different types of specialized seat/chair/swing combos?

Anyway, babies and houses are two of the most expensive things ever in life, and I get both this year. So guess what that means for my home decor? It means the budget for making a blank canvas house into my own homey home is shoestring thin. And that means I’ll be thrifting, garage-saleing, craigslist-searching and from-scratch-making pretty much all of it so that it’s definitely my own. And due to my temporary physical limitations, I’ll be doing it rather slowly, with plenty of breaks to take pictures and write about it.

Right now, I’m gathering ideas, paint swatches, and pins in anticipation fo the big move. I’ve always had imaginary projects & ideas for my “dream home,” but now I have to go from unlimited (budget, space, rooms, ideas, time) to practical and see what really fits where in this new space I’m going to call home.