At the Monday morning Water Cooler, I shared a link to Pinterest. I’ve seen a couple links floating around the blogosphere about it, and I signed up to “request an invite” on Monday. I got my invitation & started an account on Wednesday, and I really like it.

It’s like a giant, web-based inspiration board. Rather than having to save a link, and scroll down a post, or a collection of pictures to find the one I’m looking for, I can just save the images together, with links back to where I found them.

Does this dress go with this necklace? Now I can put their photos next to each other along with a pair of shoes and a bag. Would this mirror look good on a grey, stenciled wall? Now I can see them all together!

I love it, and I recommend you join me. You can follow me, and a lot of other, even cooler people to see what is catching our eye(s).